Chances are that you may be struggling to think of reasons Donald Trump will be a good President, with all the recent mistakes he’s made. To be honest, there are a few good reasons. We all know that he has a tendency to speak before he thinks, but perhaps there are some good characteristics.

1. He is tough.

There is no doubt that Trump is tough and has conviction in what he believes and says at all times. Okay, there may have been occasions where he has come across as extremely arrogant, but he is certainly not lacking in backbone, which can be a good quality for the president of the United States to have.

2. He knows how to make deals.

One thing that Trump does have is the ability to strike a deal — something he’s put into practice all of his life. The size of the deal does not bother him. He has serious convictions about his ability, and faith in himself, to such an extent that he would not be afraid to barter with anyone. We’ve already seen that he is not afraid to state his intentions.

3. He will run America like a business.

There is little doubt that Trump knows how to run a business and do pretty darn well, and we ca assume that he would also run America like a business. He does seem to have the winning formula in that sense, and even though running the country would be like running the biggest business of all time, it should give some confidence that he would not exactly shy away from the task.