Apparently, saying stupid things isn’t just for Republicans! Even Hillary Clinton can make mistakesf, and we have collected the top 10 ridiculous things Hillary Clinton has said so far during campaigns (her husband’s and her own). Let’s take a moment to marvel!

1. Are You a Stay-at-Home Mom? Then You’d Better Start Looking for a Career!

Some critics believed that Hillary threw a time-delayed verbal bomb into Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign with a remark that made almost every American’s eyebrows raise:

“I suppose, I could have stayed at home, taken care of the kids, bake cookies, and enjoy tea parties every afternoon, but I have come to a decision to pursue my lifelong dream and profession — which I did even before my husband decided to serve the public.”

Who knows how Bill’s campaign managed to survive.

2. “Number One with a Bullet.”

According to Hillary Clinton, her husband hadn’t wrapped up the nomination in 1992 until he managed to win the California primary during the month of June. All clearly remember that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June, in California. Her use of this phrase in response to her husband’s victory, needless to say, was a poor decision.

3. A Hairdresser You’re Not, Hil

Hillary Clinton wants people to think that she’s  human, not robotic, so she sometimes tries to deliver jokes. Here’s one:

“I’m undaunted in my quest to amuse myself by constantly changing my hair.” Some people shouldn’t try humor.