While many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are caught up in his ideals and words, many may be ignoring the fact that the political challenges and realities he would face as the Democratic presidential nominee are enormous. Democrats, in particular agree they would never support a candidate that they recognize as a socialist. Voters traditionally do not rally around candidates they feel are ideological purists. All that being said, take a moment to consider these five reasons Bernie Sanders may not be the best choice.

1. Watch Those Close to Sanders

Pay very close attention to those who work around him and know him best. The people that are consistently around Bernie Sanders, those who have worked with him in one capacity or another, all seem to be coming out and endorsing Hillary Clinton.

2. An Ideological Purist

Listen to Sanders at his next rally. His words are peppered with these ideological promises that appear to get the crowds in a frenzy. Look closely at these promises to see what they really are. These words are nothing more than rhetoric. Nearly every major suggestion of change that Sanders is using to pump up the crowds at these rallies may never occur. To address them, Sanders would have to completely compromise on his position, which defeats the purpose of the Sanders Revolution.