Hillary is no stranger to the people, and although she is well-known to registered voters, many Americans say they do not support a future run for a presidency. That being said, the same people say that they are still going to support her politically in 2017. Although it does not seem likely she would run for president again, Hillary is still an influential figure both in the Democratic party and overseas due to her former tenure as Secretary of State.

In this article we will highlight some rarely reviewed traits about Hillary that you may not have read before:

1. Hillary Clinton Was the Only First Lady to Ever be Subpoenaed

During the first few years Hillary was the First Lady, the Clinton’s were engulfed in the Whitewater controversy. The trouble started back in 1992 when the New York Times released an article alleging both Bill and Hillary Clinton invested and lost money with the Whitewater Development Corporation. The article prompted a full-scale investigation into the actions of the Clinton’s, where every real estate investment they were involved with was now cast under a giant spotlight.

These investments dated back throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and finally counsel Robert Fiske issued a grand-jury subpoena to Bill and Hillary Clinton to turn over all documents that pertained to this matter. To this date, this marks the only time in United States history that a First Lady has ever been subpoenaed.

2. Hillary Clinton Filmed Having Imaginary Conversations

As crazy and over the top that this story is, it definitely belongs on the list of 6 little known horrible facts about Hillary Clinton. One of the lesser-known scandals that rocked the White House was call Wackygate, and for good reason. The bizarre story unfolds with Hillary as First Lady, and having private conversations with her hero Eleanor Roosevelt.

On the surface this doesn’t appear to really be that crazy at all, unless you know that Eleanor Roosevelt passed away about thirty years before the Clinton’s moved into the White House. Even though Roosevelt had passed away, Hillary still wanted to communicate with the former First Lady, and would conduct regular sessions to speak with her at length. Despite the story appearing unbelievable, Hillary was filmed holding these imaginary conversations with her deceased hero while in the White House.