Donald Trump has certainly become one of the most talked about politicians of the moment, however not all publicity is good publicity.

While some may support his campaign and manifesto and believe him to be an ideal candidate for United States presidency, others are taking into account the little-known things Trump has done, as well as the more publicised ones too. They’ve garnered criticism towards him and his compaign from all around the world – not just in the United States. So what has he done that’s so terrible? Let’s take a look:

Insulted every politician in the country – regardless of their opinions.

Donald Trump believes that politics is a ‘disgrace’ and has previously said that ‘good people don’t go into government.’

While it may be true that some politicians are morally corrupt, this is a low blow for the many hard working politicians and campaigners who are trying their best to create a positive influence on the way the country is run.

Bragged shamelessly about his wealth.

Trump was once quoted as saying ‘part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich.’

It’s no secret that the whole world is recovering from – or may be still in – an economic crisis. Many citizens of the United States are doing everything they can to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families. So when Trump begins to brag about how much money he has, he’s really just alienating potential voters and damaging his chance at presidency.

Implied all Mexican expatriates to the United States are bad people.

Donald Trump believes that Mexico is ‘not sending their best’ to the United States and believes Mexican immigrants have ‘lots of problems’. He claims they bring drugs and crime to the country, which is an outdated stereotype that discredits the hardworking, legal immigrants in the U.S. today.