9 Signs Republicans Will Lose the Election


Republicans have a lot to risk in upcoming special elections in 2017. The party’s agenda includes cutbacks in government programs, tax reduction, changing to the EPA, health and of women’s rights, and much more.

Aside from the usual reasons that we encounter on a regular basis, we have gathered some less obvious signs that the Republicans don’t have a lot of chances to win in this upcoming election:

1. The GOP Refuses to Change

Americans, when faced with loss or disappointment, are more inclined to consider changing or trying to adapt in order to improve the chances of having a more beneficial outcome when the need for change is clear. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has made it clear that they don’t want to do this.

2. Economic Darwinism

According to economists, the proposed budget from Paul Ryan would take about a half-trillion dollars a year from programs that support those at and below the poverty line. This serves as the continuation of the 15-year shredding of the safety net established by Republicans in the 1990s, wherein the then GOP-CONTROLLED congress and Bill Clinton compromised and created Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), with the goal of cutting back on welfare applicants. The gains made by that bill have been reduced and even erased by Republican-authored state and federal legislation that impedes people in the most basic ways (such as reduction of food stamps).

Keep in mind that the Republicans voted to end the Child Tax Credit, while favoring a tax plan that was written to benefit the wealthiest Americans.

3. The National Polls Are Meaningless

It’s safe to assume that there’s a possibility of a stronger correlation between caucus votes made and the attention given to campaigns (if all states would vote on the same day). Unfortunately, they don’t. This year, Iowa has consistently been one of the Republicans’ worst states. There’s an average of just 20% of the vote in the live-interview caucus polls.