Who’s Better for American People — Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

1. Experience as a Leader

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have very different resumes as far as experience goes, and voters today are placing more weight on what these candidates have done in the past in order to gauge what they can do for the country.

Donald Trump has experience running companies, not necessarily running a country. With that being said, what Trump brings to the table is the power to turn around large corporations in trouble, and bring them to prosperity. The American people have grown tired of rhetoric and socialist views. Trump can make the country great again by focusing his expertise on American industry, bringing back jobs to this country and making it strong again. That has appeal with many voters because he has shown how to transform failing companies with his experience. In business, he simply rolls up his sleeves and is not afraid to do the things many will not.

On the other hand, Hillary has more political experience, good and bad. Hillary has already seen the White House from the inside and understands exactly what will be in store for her. That experience alone gives her a degree of credibility with many voters. Clinton also has been in the political fire, and she has taken some hard stands, and has been in the line of fire many times, showing her strong side and ability to withstand huge scrutiny. Although her experience is not a guarantee of her success as President, she does bring with her decades of experience in politics and is working to create change while trying not to stray too far from the policies she believes in.

Who Will Most Likely Destroy the U.S. Economy – Trump or Hillary?


As always, the idea of who is going to be best for the U.S. economy is one of the biggest questions surrounding the race for the presidency. Most candidates will state that they have the answers, while the rest are incapable of dealing with debt and encouraging growth, so who will most likely destroy the US economy  — Trump or Hillary?

1. Trump has more sense with money — Therefore, Clinton.

Trump is the one who has taken a business and built it up time and time again. He has lost money and regained more. You would like to think that it would mean that he would understand the value of a dollar. But business and government are two very different entities.

2. Clinton has the respect of Wall Street — Therefore, Trump.

Clinton has been known to be more focused on big business, and it could be argued that it is those same businesses that would be able to keep the economy not only going, but further improve it. Trump is often seen as being rather arrogant by those same companies and there is the impression that he would be harder to get along with, so in this respect, it would be Trump that would be more likely to damage the economy. He lacks the backing of those large companies so they would put up more resistance to any change put forward by him.

3. Clinton is less arrogant — Therefore, Trump.

Trump’s famous arrogance is certainly something that could damage the economy. Trump would be unable to keep his mouth shut and negotiate without his ego getting in the way. This is something that could work for him, but at the same time it could really work against both himself and the entire country. Arrogance is fine up to a point. The problem for Trump is that he simply does not seem to understand where that line is most of the time.

10 Reasons Donald Trump Would Be A Good President


Chances are that you may be struggling to think of reasons Donald Trump will be a good President, with all the recent mistakes he’s made. To be honest, there are a few good reasons. We all know that he has a tendency to speak before he thinks, but perhaps there are some good characteristics.

1. He is tough.

There is no doubt that Trump is tough and has conviction in what he believes and says at all times. Okay, there may have been occasions where he has come across as extremely arrogant, but he is certainly not lacking in backbone, which can be a good quality for the president of the United States to have.

2. He knows how to make deals.

One thing that Trump does have is the ability to strike a deal — something he’s put into practice all of his life. The size of the deal does not bother him. He has serious convictions about his ability, and faith in himself, to such an extent that he would not be afraid to barter with anyone. We’ve already seen that he is not afraid to state his intentions.

3. He will run America like a business.

There is little doubt that Trump knows how to run a business and do pretty darn well, and we ca assume that he would also run America like a business. He does seem to have the winning formula in that sense, and even though running the country would be like running the biggest business of all time, it should give some confidence that he would not exactly shy away from the task.

8 Little Known Terrible Things Trump Has Done 


Donald Trump has certainly become one of the most talked about politicians of the moment, however not all publicity is good publicity.

While some may support his campaign and manifesto and believe him to be an ideal candidate for United States presidency, others are taking into account the little-known things Trump has done, as well as the more publicised ones too. They’ve garnered criticism towards him and his compaign from all around the world – not just in the United States. So what has he done that’s so terrible? Let’s take a look:

Insulted every politician in the country – regardless of their opinions.

Donald Trump believes that politics is a ‘disgrace’ and has previously said that ‘good people don’t go into government.’

While it may be true that some politicians are morally corrupt, this is a low blow for the many hard working politicians and campaigners who are trying their best to create a positive influence on the way the country is run.

Bragged shamelessly about his wealth.

Trump was once quoted as saying ‘part of the beauty of me is that I’m very rich.’

It’s no secret that the whole world is recovering from – or may be still in – an economic crisis. Many citizens of the United States are doing everything they can to make ends meet and put food on the table for their families. So when Trump begins to brag about how much money he has, he’s really just alienating potential voters and damaging his chance at presidency.

Implied all Mexican expatriates to the United States are bad people.

Donald Trump believes that Mexico is ‘not sending their best’ to the United States and believes Mexican immigrants have ‘lots of problems’. He claims they bring drugs and crime to the country, which is an outdated stereotype that discredits the hardworking, legal immigrants in the U.S. today.

10 Ridiculous Things Donald Trump Has Said During His Campaign


It is fair to say that Donald Trump has hardly held back in the comments that he has made thus far in his desire to become the next President of the United States. It is difficult to think of another presidential candidate that has been as outspoken as Trump. Here are 10 especially bold things Donald Trump has said during his campaign:

1. “I never attacked him on his looks, and believe me, there’s a lot of subject matter there.”

This stunning quote was given in the direction of Rand Paul and was provided at the second GOP debate. The very fact that Trump could even use something such as looks as an attack point comes across like a playground insult — with denial and attack all in the one sentence.

2. “I’m the worst thing that has ever happened to ISIS.”

This quote is troubling, considering that Trump had been previously playing into the hands of ISIS with other comments about Muslims. At that point, he was probably the best thing for them, as his comments could have easily been used for a recruitment drive.

3. “Donald Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

This is another comment that could be used as a recruiting tool for ISIS. The very idea that a law-abiding individual could be barred from entering a country simply because of his or her religion is something from the Dark Ages. Also, there are questions as to how it could be enforced, as not every Muslim walks around with a beard or wearing a veil.

Who Would You Trust With The Bomb: Clinton or Trump?

nuclear war

As we move closer to the elections, Americans around the country are actively weighing their options for the ballot box come November of next year. Democratic front-runner Hilary Clinton and her perennial nemesis, the Republican Party’s Donald Trump, are still exchanging salvos. The other candidates are also very vocal, but it seems that the die has been irrevocably cast. We are looking at a Trump-Clinton face-off, unless a shift of monumental proportions rears its head over the next 8 months.

At this point, I guess the most pertinent question is: Who among these two would you trust with The Bomb?

A World of Differences

These two fierce rivals are as different as two people can be. Clinton is a seasoned brawler with decades of experience in the political cauldron that is Washington, and Trump is a business operator of notable decibels. Where the latter is calm and calculated, the former likes to wade into issues, showcasing a fiery nature that has worked like a magic wand on the campaign trail. On terrorism, Trump believes that there is absolutely no need to negotiate with radical groups such as ISIS and its affiliates across the world. Clinton believes we should negotiate. While the former First Lady wants to manage the military through a systematic approach, the real estate mogul merely offers that he will be “so great with the military that your head will spin.”

Overall, Trump has taken a hard stance against terrorism, immigration and job creation, while Clinton seems content to sit back, soak up the pressure and put her negotiation skills into practice. The two agree that radicalization is a major concern within and outside the country. However, no one wants a candidate that will “talk” us out of this problem; meanwhile, the other candidate wants to “bomb the hell out of ISIS” and other radical entities that pose a threat to Americans both here and overseas.

Clinton has been attacked for being “weak,” and it is feared that she will simply build upon the legacy of president Obama. On the other hand, Trump is considered too brash, hypothetical and unrealistic. A November survey conducted by ABC and the Washington Post indicated that when it comes to combating terrorism, 50% of Americans trust Clinton, as opposed to 42% who favor “The Donald.” It will be interesting to see how things pan out.