Although she lost the election, there’s always questions that remain behind. What if she would have won? Would Hillary Clinton have made a good president?

1. People are fed up with the same last name.

We had two Presidents called Bush and that didn’t exactly go well, so the idea of two named Clinton may also fill people with dread. It could be argued that this is not something to hold personally against her (it doesn’t actually apply to how she would perform as a President), but surely it’s better not to tempt fate?

2. She focuses on big business rather than people.

Hillary has made a habit of making sure she is on the side of big business, and those companies are already holding too much power in the eyes of everyday people. It’s a reflection of priorities. Priority handling is hardly something that you want to worry about in a president.

3. Her handling of Benghazi.

Four Americans died in Benghazi when Hillary was Secretary of State, although it was more her reaction in the aftermath that upset most people. She was perceived as being flippant towards what had happened. To many, this gave a bit of insight into the way her presidency could go.