As always, the idea of who is going to be best for the U.S. economy is one of the biggest questions surrounding the race for the presidency. Most candidates will state that they have the answers, while the rest are incapable of dealing with debt and encouraging growth, so who will most likely destroy the US economy  — Trump or Hillary?

1. Trump has more sense with money — Therefore, Clinton.

Trump is the one who has taken a business and built it up time and time again. He has lost money and regained more. You would like to think that it would mean that he would understand the value of a dollar. But business and government are two very different entities.

2. Clinton has the respect of Wall Street — Therefore, Trump.

Clinton has been known to be more focused on big business, and it could be argued that it is those same businesses that would be able to keep the economy not only going, but further improve it. Trump is often seen as being rather arrogant by those same companies and there is the impression that he would be harder to get along with, so in this respect, it would be Trump that would be more likely to damage the economy. He lacks the backing of those large companies so they would put up more resistance to any change put forward by him.

3. Clinton is less arrogant — Therefore, Trump.

Trump’s famous arrogance is certainly something that could damage the economy. Trump would be unable to keep his mouth shut and negotiate without his ego getting in the way. This is something that could work for him, but at the same time it could really work against both himself and the entire country. Arrogance is fine up to a point. The problem for Trump is that he simply does not seem to understand where that line is most of the time.