1. Experience as a Leader

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have very different resumes as far as experience goes, and voters today are placing more weight on what these candidates have done in the past in order to gauge what they can do for the country.

Donald Trump has experience running companies, not necessarily running a country. With that being said, what Trump brings to the table is the power to turn around large corporations in trouble, and bring them to prosperity. The American people have grown tired of rhetoric and socialist views. Trump can make the country great again by focusing his expertise on American industry, bringing back jobs to this country and making it strong again. That has appeal with many voters because he has shown how to transform failing companies with his experience. In business, he simply rolls up his sleeves and is not afraid to do the things many will not.

On the other hand, Hillary has more political experience, good and bad. Hillary has already seen the White House from the inside and understands exactly what will be in store for her. That experience alone gives her a degree of credibility with many voters. Clinton also has been in the political fire, and she has taken some hard stands, and has been in the line of fire many times, showing her strong side and ability to withstand huge scrutiny. Although her experience is not a guarantee of her success as President, she does bring with her decades of experience in politics and is working to create change while trying not to stray too far from the policies she believes in.